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Graduating Class Gift

Woody Hayes once said, “You can never pay back so you should always try to pay forward.” 

As students, we benefit from the generosity of more than 150 years of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends who have worked to better this University through philanthropy. As you graduate and join the ranks of over 600,000 living alumni, you can pay it forward for the next generation of Ohio State students by making your Graduating Class Gift.

Students have been giving class gifts to Ohio State since 1878 when the senior class gifted the gateway on 15th and High. Since then, classes have supported everything from projects to make buildings more accessible to the construction of a twenty-foot-tall sculpture.  

The Class Gift Council is the student led organization that develops the fundraising plan, designs marketing materials, and organizes events for the class gift. Lizzy Ehren (ehren.6) is the Graduate Assistant in the Student Philanthropy department and serves as the advisor for this group. Please email her if you are interested and/or if you have any questions. 

Make Your Senior Class Gift