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Ohio State Day of Giving

Every year, #BuckeyesGive to the people and causes that mean the most to them. This Day of Giving is a day for our Ohio State community to champion the students, faculty, staff and researchers who are working tirelessly to solve complex problems.

Together as Buckeyes, we empower student success, protect our environment, address social injustices and so much more. Each year, Ohio State identifies an area of need to highlight, and this year, we are all in on scholarships!

This year, Day of Giving will be April 17, 2024. Learn more about how scholarships change lives and how you can too at

How Can Students Participate in Day of Giving?

At Ohio State, we define philanthropy as giving time, talent and treasure. There will be times when we are able to give financially, and there will be times when we can make a great impact through volunteering.

There are always opportunities to pay it forward and celebrate our university’s tradition of philanthropy. Here are three ways YOU can have a direct impact on Day of Giving:

  • Share your scholarship story: If your Ohio State experience has been impacted by receiving a scholarship, consider sharing your story with others! The impact of scholarship dollars cannot be understated, and no one can tell that story better than you!
  • Amplify our Day of Giving Campaign: Your network can change the lives of students just like you. Consider sharing our Day of Giving campaign with those around you and encourage them to help change the lives of students for years to come.
    • Keep an eye on Ohio State and Ohio State Alumni social media pages throughout the day for more ways to amplify our campaign and more stories to share with your network.
  • Make a Gift: If you are able, consider making a gift to one of Ohio State’s scholarship funds to benefit future Buckeyes on their college journey and share your Buckeye spirit.
    • If you are a graduating student, this gift can contribute to your Ohio State legacy by serving as your Class Gift. Donating to Ohio State scholarships is a great way to ensure that future Buckeyes share in the amazing experiences that have brought you all the way to graduation day.
    • Is there a Buckeye experience that has had a larger impact on your Ohio State career? There are many funds you can contribute to that pay it forward to future generations of students! Check out our Graduating Class Gift website to learn how to give to other areas on campus!

What do I do if none of the above opportunities work for me?

There is no limit on the ways you can work towards a better life for future Buckeyes.

Acts of Kindness

Small moments of generosity can have huge ripple effects throughout our community. Acts of kindness can be beneficial to both the giver and receiver, boosting overall well-being and happiness while reducing stress and anxiety. Opportunities to give through kindness are limited only by your imagination. Writing a thoughtful note to a friend, grabbing an extra cookie or coffee for a study buddy, offering to take a small chore off someone’s plate when they are stressed – these are all inexpensive but impactful ways to give.

  • Send Kudos to a member of our Buckeye community.
  • Be Kind to yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup, so make sure that you prioritize care for your own physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Change does not happen overnight. It takes weeks, months and years of organizing, educating, legislating and lobbying to establish incremental improvements. Ohio State’s motto, Education for Citizenship, invites each of us to take ownership of social change and to give to our community through our civic engagement, allyship and advocacy. Be an advocate for the causes that you care most about.


You do not have to be a graduating senior to have obtained helpful knowledge and resources that might empower another student as they navigate difficult or exclusive systems. You probably already have unique experiences and talents that could be valuable to others. There are formal and informal opportunities to become a mentor on campus. Explore these opportunities through Student Life and visit your college’s website to see if they host mentorship programs.