Office of Student Life

Class Gift FAQ

Why should I make a Graduating Class Gift?

A Graduating Class Gift means something different to everyone. For some students, making a gift as they prepare to graduate is a way to express gratitude to Ohio State and the experiences that they had as students. For others, making a gift is about starting a legacy and ensuring that the next generation of Buckeyes has access to even stronger programs, opportunities and transformative experiences.

Some students use their Graduating Class Gift to establish their status as an alumni donor. Alumni who give any amount to support any area of Ohio State are recognized as alumni donors. Those who commit to an annual gift of $150 or a monthly gift of $10 are considered life donors. Life donors receive the beautiful print edition of Ohio State Alumni Magazine and special communications from alumni association President and CEO Molly Ranz Calhoun. They are also offered early access to purchase football tickets.


Can I give wherever I want?

Yes! Your Graduating Class Gift can be dedicated to any existing fund at Ohio State. Many students give to the programs, student organizations, departments and scholarships that were most meaningful to their personal college experience. The Graduating Class Gift Council has also identified priority funds on our website. Giving to one of these areas will allow us to have great collective impact on areas of great need!


How do I select a fund?

Finding the right fund is a personal experience, and there are a few resources that can help you navigate your decision. Start by exploring the Buckeyes Give page to peruse funds by impact area. You can also search keywords on the Ohio State Giving Site if you know which department or scholarship you want to give to.

Some departments even have webpages that talk about their fundraising priorities. Check department and college websites or reach out directly to faculty and staff to ask about giving priorities for the coming year.


Ohio State is such a large institution. Does my gift matter?

Because you can dedicate your Graduating Class Gift anywhere at the University, you can choose to support the areas that you know are significant to the student experience. Reflect on your most transformative moments in college. Did a scholarship help to make college more affordable? Did you participate in a program that helped you to establish a network on campus? Did you spend so much time in a particular building that it became a second home? There is a good chance that these moments were made possible by donor contributions. You might not be able to pay those donors back for the experience they made possible for you, but you can make a gift to continue that tradition. 

Although it might not seem like an individual gift could make a huge difference, it is important to remember that Buckeyes are strongest through our collective impact. Every year, over 15,000 students graduate. If each of them makes their Graduating Class Gift, hundreds of thousands of dollars would be dedicated to the areas of campus that are most valuable to students.


How do I check if I’ve already made my Graduating Class Gift this year?

You can check your complete giving history here by logging in with your name and dot number. If you made a gift during the year you plan to graduate, you have made your Class Gift! If you already made your gift and you want to increase you impact, you can become a life donor by setting up a monthly gift and continuing to give after you graduate. 


How can I get involved in the Graduating Class Gift campaign?

Students from any class year and any college are welcome to join our Class Gift Council and the campaign to raise graduating class gift funds. If you are interested, please email Jayden Messer (messer.113). Positions range from one-time volunteer roles to general body members to leadership positions, so there are many ways to be involved!