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The mission of the Student Philanthropy Council is to ensure that every student at The Ohio State University is educated and engaged in philanthropy, aware of how private gifts impact student life, and able to express gratitude for their collegiate opportunities. SPC members get a close-up look at Advancement work at Ohio State, through marketing and campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the role that philanthropy plays at the University.


Education We strive to educate students on the value and impact of philanthropy at The Ohio State University. 

Engagement We promote philanthropy as a powerful, grassroots force for good in the student community, and we advocate for philanthropic action that prioritizes student needs.

Gratitude We aim to inspire giving through reflection about collegiate opportunities.


Philanthropy Speaker Series    SPC members work to connect Ohio State students with philanthropists in a variety of fields. Students who attend Speaker Series events have the opportunity to connect with nonprofit leaders and Ohio State alumni, learning about the impact that charitable giving and volunteering has on our community. 

Thank a Donor Day    This University-wide campaign is a celebration of gratitude for all donors to the University. It is humbling and inspiring to see how many individuals provide support to our Ohio State experiences. The least we can do is say "Thank you!" We spend the entire day writing hand-written notes and sending thank you videos to donors. 

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about the Student Philanthropy Council, please contact