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The 5Ws of Student Philanthropy


Who, what, when, where, and why of Student Philanthropy?

Nate Erickson, Psychology, Class of 2019

Who is Student Philanthropy at OSU?

We are a department housed in the Office of Student Life at The Ohio State University with the goal of promoting a culture of giving on our campus. Philanthropy is defined at Ohio State as the giving of time, talent, and treasure for the betterment of a community, so this can take many forms. From the countless student organizations on campus that we work with to the annual Day of Giving to our new Philanthropy Speaker Series that will be launched this Spring, we aim to educate students on the importance of giving back and paying forward.

Who are the student philanthropy organizations at OSU?

There are dozens of student organizations at Ohio State that raise money for a number of amazing causes, as well as for the university community itself. The Student Philanthropy Council, Beanie Drake, Ohio Staters Inc., and Pay It Forward are just a few of the amazing student run groups that support causes on campus and in our greater Columbus Community. Click HERE to go to the Office of Student Life’s list of campus organizations and find the right cause for you!

What is Student Philanthropy?

Student Philanthropy is the giving of Time, Talent, or Treasure to any cause or organization you choose to be a part of! Philanthropy can involve giving your time to helping run an organization, using your talents to help promote a cause, or donating funds to support something you care about! Essentially, it is anything that you do to help support, further, or fund a cause that you care about!

What causes can I support?

There are countless opportunities on campus for supporting organizations, which means there are an endless number of causes that you can support. You can support the university through donations. You can join movements such as BuckeyeThon, Fighting Pretty, or Love Your Melon that help fund cancer research. Or you could join the Student Philanthropy Council and help find new ways to support giving on campus! The possibilities are endless, and you can choose to help in so many different ways!

When/where are events occuring on campus?

Everywhere, all the time! This coming week (October 21st- the 27th) is Kindness Week on Ohio State’s campus, and numerous groups will be leading initiatives to help promote kindness and mental health advocacy. Look out for sticky notes being left around campus by the Student Philanthropy Council! Additionally, November 7th is BuckeyeThon’s annual Fashion Show at the Ohio Union! Come check out their awesome event as student leaders from across campus walk the runway with the BuckeyeThon kids and families to support pediatric cancer research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital!

Why should I get involved?

Because Ohio State is an amazing community of leaders and passionate students that believe in giving back to their community – and to the causes that that they believe in! Student Philanthropy and the student organizations that participate in it are an amazing way to get involved, meet new friends, be inspired, and find something to be passionate about!

Why should I give to the University?

As students, we have a responsibility to help create a better university and community for those that will come after us. Whether that be by supporting areas that helped shaped us during our OSU experience, donating to funds to help further areas of need, or by supporting a push for change that we feel needs to happen. There are endless funds that we can give to as donors to the university. Click HERE to view a list of funds in many of the areas students are passionate about!